Hi I’m Katie, a freelance caterer and cook, local to Thame in Oxfordshire.

I’m cooking freshly prepared meals and frozen meals to deliver to your door in Thame and nearby villages.

There’s no minimum order at this time but if you order here after 5pm I’ll bring your products the following day.

I’ve been catering for some small bespoke wedding anniversaries, birthday lunches/dinners and teas for 2 during these unusual times and they are proving to be very popular and charming. I can deliver these hot to you at your chosen time and they can be a 2 or 3 course meal.

Now that we’re allowed people in our very “attended to” gardens why not treat your friends to a delicious meal whilst showing off your lovely garden! 

Give me a call to discuss your/my menu ideas on 07768 105632 or email info@katierrcatering.co.uk.   Please contact me at least 5 days before ordering these special meals. Thank you.

The pictures below are examples of some of them.  They make a lovely gift!